Sanitation Essentials Training in 1 minute

November 16, 2018
Source: Commercial Food Sanitation

Two thirds of Sanitation Essentials Training is spent outside the classroom in hands-on workshops. Participants compete in small teams, rotating through Wet Cleaning, Dry Cleaning and Environmental Monitoring. They experience sanitation, they write SSOPs (Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures), they collaborate to decide best swabbing spots… and they find out the results of their efforts immediately.

Throughout the training we simulate life in a food plant life, and all the important details in a food plant are important during this training, whether it is LOTO (Lock Out, Tag Out), donning proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), color coded tools, chemical titration, pre-op inspections, ATP or allergen testing, …you name it. That is exactly what creates such an effective learning environment, where all participants walk out with ideas for immediate implementation at their companies.

"Ever wondered why everyone leaves Sanitation Essentials Training high on energy and passionate about food safety?"

Wonder no longer, watch below video for a 1 minute taste of Sanitation Essentials Training in New Orleans (November 13-15, 2018).

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