Dedicated Training Sessions

Choose, schedule, and purchase an entire CFS training session dedicated to your company and filled exclusively with your team members.

Lantmännen Unibake team members in Sanitation Essentials Training classroom in Amsterdam, September 2022
JDE Dedicated Sanitation Essentials Training Shanghai
McCormick SET in New Orleans
OSI Asia Pacific team at dedicated training in Shanghai
JDE in Amsterdam training

Build a culture of food safety for your entire team with CFS Institute training. Sanitation Essentials Training, Hygienic Design Training, and Advanced Certification sessions are all available as dedicated sessions reserved specifically for your company.

Working together in hands-on break outs and competing in collaborative sanitation and hygienic design challenges motivate your team to develop common ground, all while nurturing your company’s commitment to food safety. Dedicated sessions allow one company to reserve an entire class of training, bringing team members together at any one of our global locations. Take the stage during the day to reinforce your company’s commitment to food safety and make use of the meeting room for the remainder of your time with us.

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