Dematic Webinar: Designing for greatness with a culture of food safety

June 24, 2021
Source: Dematic

June 23-24, 2021 Dematic organized their "Virtual Power of the Future of Food & Beverage Event" hosting industry experts around the globe. 

Commercial Food Sanitation’s General Manager, Darin Zehr, was a keynote speaker at this “design-your-own” virtual Dematic event. His session “Designing for Greatness with a Culture of Food Safety” is now available to view on demand. 

Food safety should never be an afterthought — it should be fully integrated into the design of a facility, into the equipment and the programs that run in that facility.

In this 25 minute webinar, Darin Zehr walks you through the steps necessary to create and enable a culture of food safety. He will share tips and stories of how designing for greatness produces safe and highly efficient operations. 

"Designing for Greatness with a Culture of Food Safety", you will teach you how to achieve a safe and operational facility. You will understand how to prevent a food safety incident and in the event, how to deal with it.

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