PureLine Webinar: Combating Cronobacter - a food safety roundtable

August 11, 2022
Source: Pureline

The Cronobacter bacteria has proven to have a massive impact on the production of dry goods. What practices are best for processors to hinder the growth and spread of Cronobacter? What solutions are available to remedy contamination?

On August 10th, 2022, PureLine Solutions hosted a roundtable discussion amongst Food Safety professionals within the industry focused on combating Cronobacter. The roundtable panel members were Joe Stout, the founder of Commercial Food Sanitation (CFS); Dr. Martin Wiedmann, the Gellert Family Professor in Food Safety and Food Science at Cornell University; and Monty Bohanan, the Corporate Manager of Sanitation at Leprino Foods. 

This webinar covers Cronobacter 101, the future of Cronobacter: Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) and beyond, low moisture foods controls: hygienic zoning and dry floors, as well as environmental monitoring and dry sanitation.  


  • 00:00: Introduction
  • 01:40: Dr. Martin Wiedmann
  • 15:57: Joe Stout
  • 31:33: Monty Bohanan
  • 48:45: Q&A

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