Global Lantmännen Unibake team learns together at a Dedicated Sanitation Essentials Training (Video)

September 28, 2022
Source: Commercial Food Sanitation

In September 2022, a class of Lantmännen Unibake team members came together in Amsterdam for a dedicated Sanitation Essentials Training.

This 2½ training is developed to strengthen participants' knowledge of sanitation programs and execution. The hands-on workshops on Environmental Monitoring, wet and dry cleaning ensure the theory sticks. 

What a dedicated training also does is strengthen internal relationships. Team building naturally happens as the group collaborates and competes. Colleagues from different plants build relationships, share best practices and learn to speak the same food safety language. CFS dedicated training sessions are a great way to boost teamwork and collaboration. 

Tip: Set up your team for its own dedicated training session

Reap the rewards of positive team-building exercises with hands-on workshops and a bit of healthy competition that will develop internal camaraderie and establish shared goals. Check out our dedicated training options for your company. 

On behalf of the CFS training team: "Lantmännen Unibake team, it was a great pleasure having you. Thank you for your commitment to food safety."

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