FPSA Webinar: Rising to the Sesame Challenge

August 16, 2023
Source: FPSA

August 3, 2023, the FPSA Food Safety Network, Bakery, and Prepared Foods Councils proudly presented the “Rising to the Sesame Challenge” Webinar. 

This webinar featured a panel of experts - Nathan Mirdamadi (Commercial Food Sanitation), Kara Scherer (Dennis Group), and Adam Guichard (Neogen) and was moderated by FPSA Prepared Foods Council Vice Chairman Darin Zehr (Commercial Food Sanitation),

Together the experts delved into the operational allergen challenges posed by sesame seeds in food production. From sanitation, design-build, and lab testing perspectives, they provide valuable insights and solution considerations. 

We've got a very innovative industry. We need to take that innovation mindset we've used to make our lines efficient, and apply it towards innovation in design for both hygiene and sanitation to effectively manage sesame."

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