FPSA Webinar: OEM's and Hygienic Design - Teaming up for Success

June 23, 2021
Source: FPSA

Sanitation demands on food processors continue to evolve. With labor constraints and increased production quotas, OEMs are supporting processors like never before. This means strategic partnerships and teams-based approaches to the hygienic design of equipment are critical to end-users. Food processing solutions engineered with experts from sanitation, equipment manufacturing, and customer processes best position consumers for safe and efficiently produced food.

In this webinar, hosted by FPSA on June 23, 2021, subject matter experts Anthony Saitta (Food Safety Specialist at CFS), Tricia Clark (VP of Operations at EnSight Solutions), and Heath Clifton (Director of Automation and Controls at EnSight Solutions) debate the need and long-term benefits of stronger collaboration partnerships between food processors and equipment manufacturers.  This session, now available on demand, covers: 

  •  An overview and introduction to the current climate
  • Key problems processors are facing
  • Hygienic design and OEMs – traditionally speaking
  • A team-based approach
  • Why this matters to processors
  • Simple takeaways for immediate improvement
  • Defining success

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