FPSA Podcast 3: Seek and Destroy Approach and the Listeria Equation- an interview with Joe Stout and John Butts

By Andy DrennanNovember 21, 2019

In the second episode, which aired in November 2019, John Butts (Founder and President of Food Safety by Design; and Advisor to the CEO of Land O’Frost) and Joe Stout (President of Commercial Food Sanitation, LLC) shared their thoughts on various state and federal regulations, the ten primary principles of sanitary design, and comparisons between US and European standards.

In the third episode, John and Joe share their concepts of the “seek and destroy” approach when it comes to sanitation practices, the Listeria Equation, why there needs to be an investment in hygienically designed equipment, and more.

Listen to the podcast "Seek and Destroy Approach and the Listeria Equation."

Andy Drennan

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