FISPAL 2022: Designing for Excellence

December 18, 2022
Source: Commercial Food Sanitation

November 9 and 10, Fispal Tecnologia organized their 2022 Food Industry digital event. Bringing together suppliers and processors to exchange thoughts in a series of online, educational sessions.  
In this webinar, hosted by Commercial Food Sanitation, Darin Zehr, General Manager, takes 20 minutes to elaborate on Designing for Excellence.

"I see how much design affects not only food safety, but how an operation runs."

"I want to talk you about the broader part of design. So not just hygienic design principles, but more specifically how design is approached and handled in the food industry" says Zehr, "because in my 30+ years in dealing with food manufacturing, I see how much design affects not only food safety, but how an operation runs." 

Check out Darin's presentation above (Portuguese subtitles) to understand why design is so important, and how better design means better operations and better business results. Including some great pointers on where to start and how to go about achieving excellent designs in your company. 

"Get your design right upfront, to drive your business results."

Zehr concludes with: "Make it easy to do the right thing, and hard to do the wrong thing. Make sure people feel incentivized to be good at what they do, do it in an efficient way, and do it in a way that is not going to cost challenges."  

Obrigado to Fispal for making CFS part of their 2022 digital event. 

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