Hygienic Design Training in new CFS Training Facility in Amsterdam (Video)

November 17, 2023
Source: Commercial Food Sanitation

Celebrating a momentous occasion, CFS recently conducted a Hygienic Design Training at its brand new training facility in Hoofddorp, Amsterdam. This event, following the success of the recent Sanitation Essentials Training and Managing Salmonella Contamination Risks in Chocolate Training sessions, reflects CFS' commitment to fostering excellence in sanitation and hygienic design within the global food industry .

Hands-On Breakout Sessions: Participants Take Center Stage in Practical Learning

The heart of the Hygienic Design Training experience lays in its hands-on breakout sessions, where participants actively apply hygienic design principles to real-world scenarios. Their dedication and collaborative spirit demonstrated a genuine commitment to elevating industry standards and fostering a culture of designing for greatness.

A Stepping Stone Towards CFS Hygienic Design Certification

Hygienic Design Training not only offers a transformative educational experience but also acts as a pivotal step toward achieving CFS Hygienic Design Certification. As this program continues to reach professionals globally, completing the training brings participants halfway to earning their CFS Hygienic Design Certification.

Upon completing the training, participants acquire essential knowledge and skills for ensuring hygienic design in food production. Additional deepening modules, including a case simulation, can be pursued online at one's own pace to achieve CFS Hygienic Design Certification. This certification signifies a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of hygienic design and food safety, contributing to ongoing personal development and industry practices. CFS Hygienic Design Certified professionals become invaluable assets to their organizations and the broader food industry through continuous learning and knowledge-sharing

Looking Ahead: CFS Anticipates a year full of training opportunities in 2024

As learning never stops, CFS is poised to offer a diverse range of training opportunities in 2024. Hygienic Design Training is available in our training locations in New Orleans, Shanghai, Melbourne, São Paulo and Amsterdam. Driven by the dedication and commitment of our valued participants, we're making sure there is always a learning opportunity coming up in your region. We encourage you to explore the training calendar for upcoming sessions around the world, as CFS continues to lead the way in comprehensive and participant-focused training initiatives.

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