CFS Inaugurates New Amsterdam Training Facility with a Sold-Out Sanitation Essentials Training (Video)

September 25, 2023
Source: Commercial Food Sanitation

From September 19th to 21st, 2023, a sold-out Sanitation Essentials Training session welcomed 25 enthusiastic participants from the food industry to the brand-new CFS Institute training facility, nestled within the Intralox EMEA Headquarters in Amsterdam. 

Within this innovative training facility, participants have access to simulated environments that replicate real-world settings, allowing them to directly apply their knowledge and skills.

Hands-On Learning Like Never Before

One of the defining features of this training facility is its hands-on approach. The participants were divided into three competing groups, each tasked with applying their newfound knowledge to real-world sanitation challenges. This approach not only made learning more engaging but also encouraged participants to think critically and work collaboratively.

Friendly Competition Ignites Excellence

The competitive element in the training infused a sense of excitement and enthusiasm among participants. They were no longer just acquiring knowledge; instead, they were collaborating in small teams, all striving to secure the prestigious SET trophy. While everyone learned, it was the 'Green Bacterial Killers' who ultimately emerged victorious, proudly claiming the coveted prize.

Networking Opportunities 

The CFS's trainer's team comprises seasoned experts with extensive experience in sanitation practices within the food industry. These experts serve as instructors, providing valuable knowledge and guidance to participants throughout the 2.5 day course. 

Moreover, these training sessions bring together professionals with various roles and from various sectors of the food industry. This offers a valuable networking chance for participants to learn from peers, share insights, best practices, and foster lasting career connections.

In summary, the new dedicated CFS Institute at Intralox Amsterdam signifies a positive development for the food industry.  It reflects the both company's dedication to excellence and their commitment to supporting customers in achieving the highest standards of food sanitation. With access to modern facilities and expert instruction, participants can expect to gain valuable insights and practical skills that will benefit their organizations and the broader food industry.

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