CFS Hygienic Design Training in Brazil (Video)

April 18, 2024
Source: Commercial Food Sanitation

In 2023, Commercial Food Sanitation (CFS) brought its renowned Hygienic Design Training (HDT) to Brazil, catering to Portuguese-speaking professionals. Witness the immersive experience in this video, showcasing how participants in Brazil engage with the core principles of Hygienic Design in a way that allows them to seamlessly integrate their learnings into their daily roles within food plants and companies supplying the food industry.

Interactive Learning: Engaging with Practical Concepts

At the heart of the Hygienic Design Training lies its hands-on breakout sessions, where participants actively immerse themselves in applying hygienic design principles to real-world scenarios. Their enthusiastic participation and collaborative efforts underscore a genuine commitment to elevating industry standards and fostering a culture centered on design excellence.

Incredible [Hygienic Design] Training! It brings zoning concepts and all the super important details to consider when building a factory. The application of the NAMI checklist brings insights and details that might not be seen without the tool. The infrastructure workshop brings awareness of what to do first and the importance of involving all areas in the choice of materials."

Rebeca Seregatti
Industrial Hygienist

A Pathway to CFS Hygienic Design Certification

The Hygienic Design Training not only imparts transformative knowledge but also serves as a crucial stepping stone towards becoming CFS Hygienic Design Certified. By completing this training, participants advance halfway towards obtaining their certification, signifying their dedication to upholding the highest standards of hygienic design and food safety.

Upon completion of the in-person training, participants gain essential skills and insights crucial for ensuring hygienic design practices in food production. Further online deepening modules (available in English), including a case simulation, can be pursued online at one's convenience to attain full CFS Hygienic Design Certification. This certification symbolizes a steadfast commitment to personal and industry development, positioning certified professionals as indispensable assets within their organizations and the wider food industry.

Training with updated technical content, examples of applications in the industry, optimizing day-to-day operations and projects, with the participation of excellent professionals. CFS Trainers, congratulations on organizing and conducting this [Hygienic Design Training] event. Thank you for the discussions and insights."

Octavio Soberón
Production Manager
Special Dog

Global Availability: CFS Hygienic Design Training Across Continents

Catering to the evolving needs of food industry professionals worldwide, CFS Hygienic Design Training is available in diverse locations, including São Paulo, but also in Melbourne, Amsterdam, Shanghai and New Orleans.
CFS ensures a continuous stream of learning opportunities, empowering individuals to stay abreast of industry advancements. Explore the training calendar to discover forthcoming sessions across the globe, as CFS remains at the forefront of comprehensive and participant-centric training initiatives.

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