3-A SSI Webinar: Design to Clean - Creating a Hygiene Focused Culture

September 30, 2022
Source: 3-A SSI

3-A Sanitary Standards Inc. (3-A SSI) is now featuring presentations from leading industry experts at their May 2022 Education Event in an on demand format. Amongst the featured presenters is Darin Zehr, General Manager at Commercial Food Sanitation (CFS).  

Creating a hygiene-focused culture entails far more than establishing written procedures across every dimension of the organization. A culture of hygiene excellence means there is alignment of common values between all levels of executive management, middle management and team leaders when it comes to food safety and hygiene. Having a strong hygiene culture is very important and a focus on design is a critical enabler.

Have a look at Darin's presentation, Design to Clean: Creating a Hygiene Focused Culture,  to understand exactly how making the right design decisions directly affects your food safety culture and positively impacts your business results. 

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