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Programs designed to align your supply chain’s food safety standards with your brand standards

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Co-manufacturers are essential in your supply chain. CFS helps you build your partners’ ownership of food safety with an eye toward continuous improvement. Our programs are designed to help your suppliers elevate their food safety standards, resources, and programs to align with your supply chain and brand expectations.  

Connect with a CFS Food Safety Specialist to find out how you can raise the food safety standards of all your manufacturing partners. 

Strengthen your supply chain's food safety standards?

  • Continuous Improvement Program - A long-term partnered approach, CFS guides you and suppliers along a path of improvement to strengthen food safety, protect your brand, and position you for ongoing success.
  • Hygienic Design Certification - The CFS Hygienic Design Certification is a comprehensive, blended learning pathway that builds and strengthens your knowledge of hygienic design
  • Industry Collaboration initiatives - Initiatives that bring processors, their suppliers and their customers together to collaborate on improving food safety.

People development? 

Empower your employees to make the right decisions every day!

Tools and free downloads to get you started?

  • Resources - Access CFS’s growing library of helpful checklists, template tools, guides, brochures, videos, webinars, and more. All are available to download free.
  • Sanitation Savers - This video series takes on common sanitation challenges in short clips that are simple to share and help improve day-to-day plant operations. 

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