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No matter the location, every food processor across the world is striving to achieve operational excellence and produce safe food. 

Whether you’re looking to improve efficiency, overcome a food safety challenge, or commit to long-term success through hygienic design, Commercial Food Sanitation (CFS) has the expertise, knowledge, and services to support you. 

Whatever your challenge, CFS is available to help you succeed. 

Interested in achieving improved levels of food safety? Discover how CFS helps food processors around the world succeed every day. 

People development? 

Empower your employees to make the right decisions every day!

  • Training and Certifications - CFS offers certification pathways, training sessions at our facilities, workshops at customer locations, and digital learning. 
  • CFS Workshops - Bring CFS training to your facility with professional workshops on sanitation, hygienic design, conveyor optimization, and more.

Sanitation program development?

  • Sanitation Consulting - CFS can help your team develop and implement effective sanitation programs and controls to optimize food safety, enhance efficiency, increase productivity, and minimize downtime.
  • Sanitation Essentials Training - Participants learn hands-on about wet cleaning, dry cleaning, and environmental monitoring from industry-recognized experts with the CFS Institute.
  • Sanitation Efficiency Program - Increase your production uptime by reducing sanitation time and resources. 
  • Continuous Improvement Program - A long-term partnered approach, CFS guides you and suppliers along a path of improvement to strengthen food safety, protect your brand, and position you for ongoing success.

Hygienic design improvement needs?

  • Hygienic Conveyor Design Program - Drive food safety improvements, operational excellence, and equipment standardization across your organization.
  • Hygienic Design Consulting - As the foundation of food safety, optimized hygienic equipment and infrastructure design delivers lasting benefits.
  • Hygienic Design Certification - The CFS Hygienic Design Certification is a comprehensive, blended learning pathway that builds and strengthens your knowledge of hygienic design.

Growth and expansion? 

Getting it right for each critical piece of equipment, each new line, or an entirely new facility.

Micro or allergen challenges?

  • Troubleshooting - CFS helps you diagnose, identify, and address the root cause of your sanitation, hygiene, or product quality issues.

Foreign material control (FMC) needs?

  • FoodSafe Conveyor Program - Thorough assessment of your critical conveyors followed by a customized, interactive workshop to help you minimize foreign material risk.

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