Get tailored assessments and ongoing support to ensure our recommendations are implemented and sustainable long term.

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Every CFS consulting effort focuses on proactivity, prevention, and continuous improvement.

All our consulting partnerships begin with an objective assessment of your facility’s food safety and sanitation standards. After each consult, you’ll receive a complete set of improvement recommendations in a written report with assessment, test, or analysis results. Action items are prioritized so your team knows exactly how to proceed. Then, CFS provides hands-on, practical support and training to ensure the recommendations can be properly implemented and are sustainable long term.

A full Food Safety Assessment takes 2-4 days on site, depending upon the size and complexity of your facility. The duration of focused consulting support may vary and will be discussed with you prior to start. Some consulting work—such as document reviews or support developing written programs—is available remotely.

Whether our consulting services and programs are requested at specific locations or company-wide, CFS is committed to helping you achieve your hygienic design and sanitation goals.

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