Sanitation Efficiency Program

Increase your production uptime by reducing sanitation time and resources. Discover how focusing on sanitation can help your plant gain operational efficiency.

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To help address your sanitation labor challenges, CFS developed a program that focuses on optimizing your resources to achieve sanitation efficiency and effectiveness. In our Sanitation Efficiency Program, CFS experts provide your team with the tools to improve your processes, while Intralox application engineers are brought in to optimize your equipment design. Together, we’ll help you achieve long-term savings in your food manufacturing plant.  

CFS and Intralox help you maximize production uptime through a reduction in sanitation time with the following steps: 

  • Observe and evaluate current production and sanitation processes: CFS Food Safety specialists and Intralox Application Engineers perform a plant assessment   
  • Empower your team to solve challenges:   
    • Perform Sanitation Operational Excellence Workshop for cross-functional plant team members 
    • Provide tools to evaluate process, remove process waste, and improve methods which may include: 
    • Specific recommendations on equipment changes or modifications   
    • Automated cleaning options 
  • Provide leadership coaching and support: We help you implement and execute the solutions to move forward

Struggling to find sanitation workers? Partner with CFS and Intralox to learn how you can achieve greater operational efficiency and effectiveness with reduced labor.

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