Hygienic Conveyor Design Program

Drive food safety improvements, operational excellence, and equipment standardization across your organization

conveyor belt with lifters

Together with Intralox, CFS works with food processors and equipment manufacturers to custom develop hygienic conveyor design documentation that balances hygienic design, mechanical efficiency, and safety. Our Hygienic Conveyor Design Program includes a series of working meetings with cross-functional members of your team. It may also include reviews of existing designs and drawings, as well as knowledge events such as CFS training and workshops. 

By the end of the program, you’ll have a customized, written document outlining the hygienic design features and full operational considerations of your conveyors as defined by your cross-functional team. 

Want to drive operational excellence in your business and enhance food safety in your conveyors? Contact CFS to learn more about the benefits of our Hygienic Conveyor Design Program.

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