Continuous Improvement Program

With a long-term partnered approach, CFS guides your team and suppliers along a path of continuous improvement to strengthen food safety, protect your brand, and position you for ongoing success

Man, wearing safety helmet and glasses, shaking hands in a plant

Guided by a mindset of continuous improvement, CFS helps you enhance sanitation execution and food safety at any level of your food manufacturing ecosystem, including: 

  • A single company plant 
  • Multiple company plants 
  • Your company’s plants and network facilities such as co-manufacturing partners or suppliers 
  • Restaurant or retail chains sourcing products from several different food processors 

We’ve developed quantitative tools to measure and resources to foster the continuous improvement progress of your sanitation execution and food safety programs.  

How It Works

CFS empowers and leads food manufacturing facilities to achieve higher food safety standards and stronger brand protection through: 

  • Assessments 
  • CFS Preventive Plan Continuums 
  • Training 
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) tracking tools  
  • Periodic progress updates 
  • Ongoing support 

Whether working with one plant, a food manufacturing company, or a restaurant chain’s network of suppliers, CFS is uniquely positioned to provide the right combination of services that enhance food safety and sanitation culture.  

Looking for ways to protect your brand with a proactive, supply-chain approach to food safety? CFS can set your plants and supplier base on a path to continuous improvement.

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