Olivier Couraud

Food Safety Specialist

EMEA / France

Olivier Couraud - CFS Food Safety Specialist

Olivier brings his extensive 23-year career in the food industry to Commercial Food Sanitation as a Food Safety Specialist.

He began his career in the quality department, spending five years there before taking on roles such as Food Safety Auditor/Consultant, and Hygienic Design Engineer for 18 years at a cleaning company, where he oversaw the quotation of cleaning services and provided support to cleaning teams in food plants.

During this time, he gained expertise in cleaning, disinfection, food safety, and hygienic design. Olivier has supported over 150 plants across various food sectors as well as packaging suppliers. This comprehensive experience enables him to offer integrated solutions to a wide range of food safety challenges.

He holds a master's degree in agri-food engineering from ESIAB Quimper, France, and has patented a cleaning method for allergen removal.

Olivier is actively involved in the European Hygienic Design and Engineering Group (EHEDG). He serves as the administrator for EHEDG France, actively participates in various working groups, and is a graduated Hygienic Design expert from EHEDG official training.

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