Nathan Mirdamadi

Food Safety Manager

North America / United States

Nathan Mirdamadi - CFS Food Safety Manager

As a Senior Food Safety Specialist, Nathan brings over 20 years of food manufacturing leadership in both manufacturing plants and corporate positions. His experience has been both in sanitation/food safety as well as in operations management.

Immediately prior to joining Commercial Food Sanitation, Nathan had the corporate responsibility for the sanitation and allergen programs at a large global processor. In this role, he leveraged both internal and external (industry and supplier) resources to improve plant sanitation programs and reduce costs. He worked to lead corporate programs on gluten-free claims, unique allergen control validations, cleaning validations, and vendor relations.

Over the course of his career, Nathan has had the benefit of working across a wide range of products and technologies at Heinz North America, Kraft Foods, and Ralcorp. Today, he offers expertise across a range of sanitation-related issues including program development, allergens, auditing, commercialization, hygienic design, sanitation training, and managing supplier relationships.

Nathan is bilingual in English and Spanish and holds a Master's degree in Food Safety from Michigan State University, an MBA from California State University, and a Bachelor's degree in Economics/Finance from Missouri Southern State University.

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