Lina Ashmore

Food Safety Specialist

APAC / Australia

Lina Ashmore, CFS Food Safety Specialist

Lina Ashmore joined Commercial Food Sanitation as a Food Safety Specialist in the ANZ region in 2023. Prior to this role, Lina worked as a Technical Specialist in the Quality & Regulatory team at Woolworths, a major retailer in Australia with a presence in over 1000 stores nationwide. 

Over her nine years with Woolworths, Lina collaborated closely with suppliers and processing sites, ensuring the delivery of safe and high-quality products to consumers. She managed diverse categories, overseeing food safety and compliance for ready meals, in-store hot foods, sandwiches, dried fruits and nuts, fresh-cut salads and sprouts, processed meat, antipasti, and dips.

Lina's profound commitment to food safety, recognizing its pivotal role in operations, is reflected in her passion for advancing food safety practices and making a meaningful impact in the field. She emphasizes this dedication by actively sharing her knowledge and providing insights into the reasons behind operational practices, contributing to the collective success of the teams she works with.

Lina holds a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition, Honors in Rheology, and a Ph.D. in Food Science with a specialization in Food Process Engineering.

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