Kerry Hart

Food Safety Specialist

North America / United States

Kerry Hart - Food Safety Specialist

Kerry brings over seven years' experience in the food industry at both the plant and corporate levels, primarily focused on sanitation. He began his career in the food industry as a Food Safety and Quality Assurance (FSQA) chemist at Cargill in corn syrup manufacturing, which involved safety, HACCP, quality, operations, and process improvements.

From FSQA, Kerry transitioned to sanitation. The majority of his food sanitation experience is split evenly between the meat and bakery/dessert segments. For Sugar Creek, he led the process to design an in-house sanitation program from the ground up, and then led the third-party sanitation phase-out. This included the development of programs, as well as cleaning crew and management training. His work resulted in significant improvement in food safety results and sizable cost saving.

For Rich Products Corporation, Kerry implemented the transition to the total productive manufacturing (TPM) lean manufacturing program, including all aspects of production. He also built a PEC program and instituted automation and efficiency programs, which improved worker safety, provided quality results, and generated substantial expense reductions.

Kerry has a wide variety of experience in both USDA- and FDA-regulated facilities. His fortes include pathogen elimination, sanitor safety, hygienic design, and efficiency improvement. He holds a Master’s degree in Physiology and Neuroscience from Wright State University.

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