Darin Zehr

General Manager

North America / United States

Darin Zehr

Darin brings a broad base of experience to his role as General Manager for Commercial Food Sanitation.

Throughout his 22-year career with Kraft Foods, Darin undertook various positions throughout operations: Quality Analyst, Operations Supervisor, Plant and Corporate Sanitation Manager, and Business Unit Manager. He ended his time with Kraft as a Plant Manager for eight years.

Darin’s focus on team and people development has been a significant part of successfully leading multi-million-dollar operations. He has led many initiatives in operational excellence including commercialization projects, operations improvement teams, and continuous improvement efforts and projects in Sanitation, Food Safety, Hygienic Design, and overall efficiency.

Darin is passionate about team-based success. He believes Sanitation, Hygienic Design, and Food Safety are key for any and all successful food operations, and that success in those areas can only come through purposeful and focused engagement from all levels and departments in the organization. In a food company, everyone has talent to contribute—they just need to find the passion and support to unleash it. Darin has made it his personal goal to empower the food industry and everyone in it to do exactly that.

He is involved in numerous food industry groups and has spoken internationally on sanitation/food safety, hygienic design, and operational success in the food industry.

Darin’s experience in both the business and technical aspects of food processing has prepared him well for his role leading Commercial Food Sanitation in partnering with food processors globally to drive food safety and operational excellence.

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