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Commercial Food Sanitation addresses food safety and sanitation challenges through strategic consulting, training and education. We are dedicated to delivering the highest levels of quality food safety and operational effectiveness, for protecting your brand reputation and long-term business profitability.

In short time, Commercial Food Sanitation has established a solid reputation for success in improving food safety, quality, sanitation efficiency and operational effectiveness. This is accomplished through the enhancement of fundamental food safety prerequisite programs while providing ongoing support and leadership in sanitation. Customers can be confident our solutions will address the most important aspects of both consumer confidence and compliance.

Commercial Food Sanitation, an Intralox company since 2012,  was founded by Joe Stout, a leader in quality and sanitation with over 35 years experience in the industry. Stout and other company principals are all highly-regarded hygiene/sanitation experts. Our team of Food Safety Specialists has held long-term, key positions within their disciplines, with some of the world’s foremost food manufacturers. Sanitation, food safety and hygienic design form the core of their expertise and experience.

Commercial Food Sanitation specializes in sanitation, sanitary design, pathogen control, allergen management, pest control, good manufacturing practices, cleaning effectiveness and efficiency in the food industry. In the those areas, we provide customized solutions through our menu of services.


We believe sanitation is critical in delivering sound fundamental programs, which are integral to the operation and food safety of companies. We strive for excellence in sanitation as the bridge to food safety.

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