Katherine Adraktas

Digital Learning Designer

North America / United States

Katherine Adraktas - CFS Digital Learning Designer

As a Digital Learning Designer for CFS Institute, Katherine brings robust instructional design, content development, and technical knowledge skills she developed over a career in learning and development. Her expertise stems from a culmination of instructor-led and eLearning experience within primary and post-secondary institutions, business, healthcare, government, and criminal justice.

Katherine is passionate about creating engaging learner-based designs to inspire behavioral changes in learners. She held numerous leadership positions, including Director of Training for a telecommunications corporation, branch manager for a vocational school, and established two successful businesses (Consult Katherine and Capital Training, Inc).

Katherine’s passion for learning development correlates to her lifelong interest in learning. She recently completed her credentials as a Feng Shui consultant, is a continuously active student of Articulate Storyline and Adobe Illustrator, and is currently studying Eastern Orthodoxy, the Swedish language, and the history of Tennessee.

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